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To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call ChildLine toll-free at 800-932-0313.

Attention to the dental world:

We must be part of our children’s care and report when needed. If you are seeing children with a lot of decay or refusal of treatment it is our duty to report! What is child neglect:


  1. To pay little or no attention to; fail to heed; disregard: neglected their warnings.
  2. To fail to care for or attend to properly: neglects her appearance.
  3. To fail to do or carry out, as through carelessness or oversight: neglected to return the call.


  1. The act or an instance of neglecting something: Your neglect of my advice will only make matters worse.
  2. The state or fact of being neglected: The garden fell into neglect.
  3. Habitual lack of care: The dog has been subjected to terrible neglect.

A West Manchester Township woman allowed her two young sons’ teeth to decay and blacken to the point where it became a crime, according to court documents.

Alexis (Mother) remains free on $5,000 unsecured bail, charged with two counts of second-degree felony child endangerment. Unsecured bail means she didn’t have to post any money but could forfeit that amount if she misses court proceedings.

She was arraigned Tuesday, Jan. 14, by District Judge, who scheduled her preliminary hearing for Feb. 24, court records state.

Her defense attorney, Bill Graff, declined immediate comment on Wednesday, Jan. 15.
Court documents don’t indicate whether Mother still has custody of her two 4-year-old boys, but documents do indicate that the York County Office of Children, Youth and Families is actively involved with the family and communicating with police.

We must help the children!

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