My most recent question from a doctor let me know what everyone else might not know. Doctor asked “I don’t provide Medicare covered items or services, but I do order covered imaging, clinical laboratory, and DME. “

Medicare does require you to let them know if you are ordering. See how to make that happen.

Dentists may use the simplified enrollment form CMS-855-O (PDF), which CMS developed for dentists and other healthcare professionals who wish to enroll only to order and prescribe for Medicare beneficiaries.
Additional information about enrolling only to order imaging, clinical laboratory, and DMEPOS (but not to bill Medicare for covered services) is available in the CMS fact sheet Medicare Enrollment Guidelines for Ordering/Referring Providers (PDF).
Note that dentists and other practitioners who enroll only to order imaging, clinical laboratory, and DME cannot send claims to Medicare for providing covered items and services. They do not have Medicare billing privileges for the purpose of submitting claims to Medicare for services that they furnish to Medicare beneficiaries.
Form CMS-855-O is available in hard copy format and there is an electronic version (PDF) on PECOS.

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