The Dentist’s Guide to Insurance Billing Compliance


Often, patients with identical clinical problems receive diverse care as determined by their clinician, hospital or locale. In such instances, clinical audit and guidelines can prove remedial and beneficial to both patients and physicians, ensuring similar patient care, regardless of the care provider. Clinical audit requires the synergistic and synchronized amalgamation of a number of disciplines such as organizational development, statistics, and information management, besides imbibing and instilling a work culture where creativity and candidness are supported and, deficiencies and failures are reported and investigated without apprehensions or misgivings.

Thus, an efficiently executed clinical audit presents with a channel where the quality of the care can be reviewed objectively, encompassing an approach that is both supportive and developmental. Auditing can also highlight the lesser advertised diseases and bring them into the limelight and ensure a good and standardized care for the distressed.

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