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The Insurance Extravaganza has been the go-to meeting for all revenue-based things including Dental Claims, Medical Claims, and in-house payments to Care Credit. Join us in our newest meeting coming February 9-10 in Nashville TN. You can go to www.dentalmedicalbilling.com to see the exceptional lineup of speakers THE ISSUES THAT WILL BE COVERED.


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On September 15, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted to approve a new procedure code for the application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) by medical professionals to arrest cavities. The addition of this code is a milestone in medical-dental integration and a step forward for oral health equity, providing access to this valuable treatment to millions of Americans who don’t see the dentist every year.

Yes we are medical billing not just for this but so much more. Take the training you will need to understand the cross over. “The AMA just created a transformative…

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Attention Medical Billing Offices. UnitedHealthcare announced various enhancements to its integrated care benefit and specialty benefit approach for employer-sponsored health plans that are expected to simplify the member experience and increase value.  

More coverage for your patients who have United Healthcare. Don’t forget this is happening more and more so stay connected with DentalMedicalBilling.com and keep on top of the money you…