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Dental Code for PPE and Medical Code if providing medical treatment

The American Dental Association (ADA) recently issued guidance for dentists billing for PPE. The ADA has also provided a list of insurers that provide reimbursement (from $7 to $20) for PPE using code Current Dental Terminology (CDT) code “D1999 – unspecified preventive procedure, by report”. visit ADA.Org for more information

Are you billing for medical treatments in your office? There are many of my clients that are billing sleep apnea appliances, TMJ splints, and oral surgeries such as bone grafts, frenectomies, and dental implants. You can bill PPE to medical insurance when you are billing for a treatment that is a medical necessity. A code for supplies and materials can be submitted to medical insurers for PPE. Typically, two pairs of non-sterile gloves are already included for every evaluation and management (E/M) service billed to medical, such as 99202 for a new patient exam. For supplies used over and above the norm, the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code and description is listed below:

CPT Code 99070; Supplies and materials, except spectacles, provided by the physician or other qualified health care professional over and above those usually included with the office visit or other services rendered (list drugs, trays, supplies, or materials provided).

When you are filling out your medical claim form you need to add the nature of the supplies,(Personal Protection Equipment)in box 19.

As always, when billing medical for services performed in a dental office, a SOAP report of medical necessity outlines subjective complaints, objective exam findings, assessment (with ICD-10 codes listed) and the plan. Add on to your letter by listing the materials used for the Personal Protection for entire team.

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