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Have you connected with an emergency room?

Starting to work with emergency rooms is a benefit to all who participate. The patient, the doctors and the oral doctors It is a win for all. First many patients who go to an emergency room are not treated since they have no oral care. Take some advice form the following emergency rooms and or referral programs.

Tips for Starting a Program

  • 10 Steps to an ER/Dental Referral Program – Seattle
  • Emergency Room Dental Intercept – Michigan
  • 10 Steps to an ER/Dental Referral Program – Wisconsin
Emergency Room Referral Programs in Action
  • Health Department in West Virginia Connects Low-Income Adults with Community Dentists
  • Montana Dentist Relieves Burden of Patients Seeking Dental Care at Local Health Center
  • Michigan Clinic Serves as Dental Home for Patients Seeking Treatment at Emergency Room
  • Kansas City Dental School Relieves Dental Burden for Local Emergency Room
  • Working Poor in Central Illinois Community Receive Relief from Dental Pain
  • Seattle Medical Center Finds Solution to People Seeking Dental Care in the ER
  • Maryland Coalition Aims to Reduce ER Visits for Dental Pain
  • Maine Hospital’s Dental Clinic Alleviates ER Burdens
  • Texas Dentists Help Relieve Local ER Burden
  • Florida Dental School Gets People out of the ER and into the Dental Chair
  • Milwaukee Community Partnership Improves Access to Dental Care

Related Studies

  • Visits to US emergency departments by 20- to 29-year-olds with toothache during 2001-2010 – JADA, May 2015
  • Eliminating Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage in California Led to Increased Dental Emergency Visits and Associated Costs – Health Affairs, May 2015
  • Emergency Department Use for Dental Conditions Continues to Increase – HPI, April 2015
  • Diverting Emergency Department Dental Visits Could Save Maryland’s Medicaid Program $4 Million per Year – HPI, November 2014
  • Majority of Dental-Related Emergency Department Visits Lack Urgency and Can Be Diverted to Dental Offices – HPI, August 2014
  • Dental-Related Emergency Department Visits on the Increase in the United States – HPI, May 2013

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