Luck is for lottery tickets but not your health.
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Medical Clearance Is a collaboration of treatment!

What Dentists Should Know About Medical Clearance

This is not luck this is protection for your malpractice and the patient’s life.

As people are living longer, they will develop medical conditions over time that might be problematic for their dental care. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that dentists obtain, review, and update their patients’ health history at each visit. Dentists also should obtain complete medication lists from patients for all care, including routine oral healthcare.

Reviewing medical histories and medication lists is essential for patient safety as well as for avoiding any allegations of practicing below the standard of care. In some situations, dentists also might need to seek medical clearance from a patient’s healthcare provider before commencing dental treatment. Likewise, dentists occasionally are asked to provide dental clearance for a patient before medical treatment or surgery, such as cancer therapy, total joint replacement, or cardiac surgery.

Better than always having to contact the medical, let them know you are available to provide this service to all their patients. Your Collaboration is the key to additional income in your practice.

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