Every part of our body is connected to the Oral Cavity
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The health benefits of integration are more important than ever before. Do not be left behind. The Value of Medical-Dental Integration

Medical-dental integration can improve the care experience for patients and reduce costs at the same time. In addition to the $520 million Medicare spends annually on dental emergency department visits, the exacerbation of other conditions means increased expenditures and negative outcomes in other areas of health care, as well. If these issues were caught and managed early, many of those expenditures could be avoided.

Ensuring Care for the Most Vulnerable

Medical-dental integration has also been an important strategy for increasing access to care for vulnerable populations. As patients visit their primary care office for medical treatment, for example, there’s an opportunity for primary care providers to address oral health by assessing oral health risks and reinforcing at-home care messaging, creating an access point for patients who might not otherwise seek dental care.

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