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When billing for bone grafts and all on four you must choose from these codes.

Before you start billing, we must know if the patient will be complete or partial, and why they lost the teeth and document the amount of loss of bone and is it the Maxillary or Mandibular.

Loss of teeth is called “edentulism” in a clinical setting. Tooth loss can be complete (with all the teeth missing) or partial (with just some of the teeth missing). ICD-10-CM specifies both the cause for the tooth loss and the class. Listed are the following probable causes:

  • Due to trauma: Injuries to the mouth
  • Due to periodontal disease: Disease of the gums (gingiva) and surrounding tissue
  • Due to caries: Cavities, or manifestation of tooth decay
  • Due to other specified causes: Documentation specifies other causes not included above.

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