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Billing Trauma Takes More Information

Trauma!!!!What does it take to bill medical is more complex then other billing. You must gather the following information in order to find the correct diagnostic codes.

  1. You must look for the conditions you are treating under the Category S88-thru Y99
  2. Make sure you are using external caused codes at the initial encounter.
  3. Know the difference between an initial encounter and a subsequent encounter, or sequela
  4. External cause codes should not be listed first the type of trauma should be listed before the how.
  5. What are examples of external cause codes?
    1. Motor vehicle accident
    2. fall of ladder
    3. slip on snow or ice
    4. Adverse effects from insulin and antidiabetic agents
  6. Know the place the accident happened. Y category: The following category is for use, when relevant, to identify the place of occurrence of the external cause. Use in conjunction with an activity code.
  7. Place of occurrence should be recorded only at the initial encounter for treatment
  8. Understand the use of late effect/sequela.
    1. This is the residual effect of the condition after the acute phase of injury has terminated.
    2. The condition or nature of the late effect is sequenced first
    3. the late effect code is sequenced second

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