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Can you answer these questions?

True or False;

If you can answer these questions and return to our email ctaxin@links2success.biz I would give you a free web program that contains the information below and more.

Please add your name, office and email when sending this back.

  1. The majority of dental contracts will cover soft tissue grafts for cosmetic reasons T/F
  2. When graduations comes this year for our new dental professionals can they work for insurance plans as in network under owner until they are set up within the plans? T/F
  3. Do you know the law for your state regarding Capping of Insurance? T/F
  4. If you are in network with Delta are you also signed up with their wellness plan that covers additional visits for patients with systemic issues? T/F
  5. Dental hygiene and the connection from the oral cavity to the body is a priority in your office. Y/F

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