It Takes an educated person to bill, not a computer!

Working with the smartest people in dentistry is an honor every day.  The team that runs the business side of dentistry has done amazing with little to none official training.  I am proud to be part of them and always will be part of this amazing group. Many offices have joined Office Managers and Dental Medical Billing. 

My goal with this site is to keep you in the know about all billing that is taking place in dental practices across the country. Using ICD10 codes will not be a choice for medical billing only.  It will be part of the embedded plans and the additional benefits available thru many of the dental programs our patients are part of. Learing how to play the game is hard but so rewarding in many ways.

The medical insurer are gambelers. The collect a fee “The Premium” then the deductable in order to get you even on a plan.  Over the year they take that money and invest it in order to pay out claims with the profit.  All plans both dental and medical make this bet.  But they are the house and the house knows how to win.   

After the collection of payments many then deny the claims that come in for any little reason.  Some offices are not trained in reading or fighting the claims, so contact us and we will teach you how to win over the house.  Remember, the longer they dont pay out the more they are making on that money. 

For example for every $1,000.00 they owe out for every month they hold that claim they are making back at least 10% for every thousand they do not pay.  They wait one month to send you the eob that infoms they are not paying, another month to send them what you are asked for, and another month to send in an appeal.  That is making them $300.00 per $1000.00 and loosing you the same amount. 

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