Are you offering Sleep Apnea or TMJ Care In Your Dental Office

Did you know that the recommended amount of sleep for a child aged 6 to 12 years old is between 9 and 12 hours of sleep each night?

When that sleep is interrupted over and over or not the best quality, this can cause many problems in the young bodies of developing children. Academic and sporting achievements can suffer, interpersonal relationships can deteriorate, and the overall general demeanor of the child can begin to take a turn for the worse. Sleep is an essential part of the human body. How can we, the Oral Physician, help the many children who are un/misdiagnosed or given medications that will not help? How can we help gently guide their parents to answers? By starting with the management and care of Sleep Apnea, this could help improve the overall health and wellness of the child and allow this child to flourish in their childhood rather than struggle with an untreated airway issues.

In 2012, the guidelines on the diagnosis and management of uncomplicated childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) associated with adenatonsillar hypertrophy and/or obesity, in an otherwise healthy child, stated that the child should be screened for snoring. Additionally, a Polysomnography (PSG) should be performed in children with snoring and symptoms/signs of OSA, as listed in their guidelines.

Join Christine on her upcoming webinar to learn the basics of Sleep Treatment for Children. Or you can purchase the Pediatric Sleep and TMD book sold on Amazon.

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