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As Charles Darwin said of evolution, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

“As consumers get more sophisticated about managing their health, they’re going to value the ability to manage it through a single app,” said an executive at a health plan that offers dental benefits. “The new generation isn’t tied to the way things used to be.” In this environment, forward-thinking health insurers see oral coverage—and the ability to offer a single point of purchase and care management—as a unique opportunity to improve brand loyalty and add member touch points.

At this point with the many additional systemic issues have entered our world should we not understand the billing and coding of both Dental and Medical. There are many patients who are going to be doing exactly what insurance plans are doing. Allowing patients who are purchasing Advantage Medicare and One Stop Medical you might not be able to survive. I am not saying you must bill medical, but I am saying that you should open your mind to the changes.

Going in network is never an question to ask, understanding what the patients in your area are purchasing is important. I remember taking courses that told us to look at the Zip Code and the amount of money patients made in that area. Why, so before you opened a practice you could make a descision on the top of practice you want to build.

Our Company has put together the first set of credentialing with the AMA for Dental Medical Credentialing thru Q’Pro.com. Visit that site and take a look around. We will be sending out a set of steps for training, study guides and taking the courses. We are excited for the future are you?

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