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Medical coding standards have become increasingly complex. Regulations and requirements with the current healthcare delivery system are best met when medical coders, certified in Specialty practice, provide medical coding. Medical coders achieve certification through specialized education, experience in an area of specialty, and a qualifying exam(s). Certification is a professional’s official recognition of achievement, ability, and judgment. It is a mark of excellence requiring continued learning and skill development to support. These are just a few reasons why employers seek certified professionals.

Over 153,205 healthcare professionals hold certifications in physician offices, clinics, outpatient facilities, and hospitals. These credentials represent the gold standard in medical codingbillingauditingdocumentationcompliance, and practice management, and are nationally recognized by employers, medical societies, and government organizations, hospitals and bring a higher rate of payments due to the knowledge of the coder.

There are many practices looking for a higher level of education if they are adding in any of the treatments that can be billed to medical.  These courses will enrich the practice by helping patients maximize patients helps, not for your payments but to give them the ability to have treatments that they may otherwise not consider.  Many of the providers who are looking for a team member are not only looking for the team member to provide the billing, but to give the office a trained individual who can tell who would be a good medically billing patient and who is not.  Knowledge is powerful.

These courses will also prepare you for a position in a hospital that has an oral surgeon, or the newest type of practice is clearance for patients prior to surgery.

Favorable Job Prospects

The demand for medical coders is at a historic high. Fueled by the healthcare needs of an aging population, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists medical coding among the 20 fastest growing occupations. Job opportunities for professional coders are projected to grow 18.2% by 2028.

Why add Coding Certification to Dental?

Since many treatments are only covered by medical the need is greater than ever. 

Treatments that are covered under Medical

Links2success  DentalMedicalBilling has worked on each of the treatments below to add to the certification process.  Working both with the ADA codes and the AMA codes.

  1. Sleep apnea appliances (Dental Sleep Medicine)
  2. TMJ appliances and headache treatment
  3. Oral infections, cysts, oral inflammation
  4. Exams for services that are covered by medical insurance
  5. Panorex x-rays for services covered by medical insurance
  6. CBCT (cone beam) and tomography for services covered by medical insurance
  7. Frenectomy/tongue ties for infants and children
  8. Accidents to teeth
  9. Mucositis and stomatitis (from chemotherapy and other treatments).
  10. Facial pain treatment
  11. Dental implants and bone grafts
  12. 3rd molars or wisdom teeth extraction
  13. Biopsies
  14. Clearance exams before chemotherapy or surgery
  15. Botox Injections for bruxism and jaw pain

In todays climate with the Covid 19 we have seen patients understanding the need for oral care.  In fact, many patients have told me that they finally understand the connection to the oral cavity for the first time.

This knowledge helps more patients with access to care for services that are life-changing! Aiding patients with maximizing reimbursement help your practice stay on course with complete treatment plans the patient deserves.

With the big difference between the $1,000.00-$1,5000.00 maximum any treatment plans that involve many of the services that are covered under medical are payable at a much higher rate.  When dental insurance was introduced the treatments back then were silver fillings, prophy and x-rays.  In todays world the science has changed and given us the medical necessity needed to supply the medical billing.

Many practices today have certain specialties within the practice that are only billed to medical.

For example: Doctor in Georgia who treats TMD, with Botox, Or Appliance Therapy, none of these treatments are covered under the dental plan.  His office has billed over $300,000 in medical last year and has been hailed by his patients as the doctor who cares. 

Even with a higher deductible under medical there is no yearly maximum most of the cases being performed are over that amount.  This is an example of a bone graft patient needing two grafts.  What is your fee?  What does dental pay? Or do you have to be paid by the patient and many never come back for the treatment.

Billed $7800.00  Insurance  Paid by Insurance $ 6,604.92   Patient to pay $1,195.08

Have you ever received this amount of money for one bone graft?

Insurance plans in our country are changing.  We are seeing embedded plans that are covering both medical and Oral.

Medicare has had the biggest change with Medicare Advantage Plans that are covering treatments under the advantage part of the policy.

The fact that the ADA appointed Oral Medicine as a specialty will also change the way we treat patients.  These specialists will be working with patients that have underlying conditions which we have seen codes being made for diabetes tests in dental.  Not for us to diagnosis but for the reasons many patients that have gum disease need the knowledge and provider for their diabetes along with the Oral Provider.  This year two new codes are added for the corona virus which is for testing since many providers have seen that most patients have seen the oral cavity covered in blisters and swelling which is why many patients cannot taste food.

Practical Experience

Gain hands-on practical experience in medical billing, coding, and administrative functions through a training that is considered hands on.

We will provide you with the set up of the office to be able to bill medical.

The ability to learn who is a medical billing patient so you can be ready for the job roles that surround that patient.

Learn the treatments that we can have you bill on a claim form with our consultants to go over with you one step at a time.

We have courses available online to teach you how to fill out the medical claim form and the dental claim form that will look a lot like a medical claim form prior to these courses.

There are three consultants that will work with you during this time to prepare you for the certification tests that you can take on the site QPro which is administered by the credentialing body. 

We will provide you a practice test during your preparation for the certification courses that you will be taking.

We also have a manual for each course that is available for you to purchase prior to the certification test if choose to study that way.

Prepare for Certification

A proctored, knowledge-based exam in the course gives you the opportunity to earn a valuable credential.

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