Patients need to own their own Diseases~!

Empowering patients to engage in their oral healthcare can be a constant challenge for dental professionals. Some patients are fearful of procedures, some want you to make all the decisions, and some just want to get in and out, and not come back. Or, if insurance doesn’t cover it, they are not interested to learn how it may help them.

Saliva analysis screening technology can provide information you did not have previously and can amp up your conversation to deliver oral health and hygiene education with visual, objective measurements. It may just keep your patients coming back for more.

A saliva screening tool can change and add impact to your preventive care routines. Empowering your staff with this simple method to have deeper and more meaningful conversations to engage patients, who want a say in their treatment, can be the boost a practice needs to make a great comeback after a year of uncertainties and with smarter patients.

D0418 analysis of saliva sample Chemical or biological analysis of saliva sample for diagnostic purposes.

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