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Can documentation cost you money?

It’s not just for Medical and Dental

There is one simple word that makes such a big impact: Documentation. If I were to tell you that how you document could either make you money or cost you money, would it get your attention?

Let’s talk documentation on your medical billing forms. When you fill out a claim form, it must include your NPI on it. This is not some suggestion or a rule to remember from time to time. It must be included on every single form that is submitted. Forgetting to put this simple number on a claim form will cost you money. There is a lot that we must learn, and auditing can help you learn a lot of the legal issues that surround your office.  When you learn how to do auditing, you are learning the identification of incomplete or inadequate documentation/ paperwork, missed billing opportunities, issues that can result in recoupments (even criminal prosecution), and a host of other issues.

Now let’s take a moment to talk about documentation within chart notes. A dentist’s work is only as good as his documentation used within the notes of each patient’s chart. How good is your work? Or should I ask, how good is your documentation?  When teaching at resident programs, I often ask the audience if they are still writing a short book or have, they started to text message. How are you documenting? Your documentation is a direct reflection of your work.

When you are considering how you document both your claims and chart notes, it might make you feel a bit uneasy. Overwhelming thoughts might pop in your head. You might realize that both you and your team might be lacking the skills necessary to properly bill and chart notes. Unless you have scrutinized your records, you may not know what skills you and your team need to carry out today’s billing issues or what is needed when an audit takes place.

The field of dentistry is complex and ever-changing. As a modern-day dentist, you are not only providing complete oral health care experience for each patient you are also running a business. From juggling health claims and chart notes to making sure each patient is welcomed by the front desk and enjoys a thorough exam by each hygienist. 

This October, you don’t want to miss the one meeting both you and your team need. When you leave the Dental and Medical Billing Extravaganza, you will have a better understanding as to why you need to supply each form needed, understand what insurance should be billed (dental or medical), and the legal issues surrounding your treatment plans. We are incredibly excited to also be including a Hygiene specific track, as taught by Janet Press, RDH. These are the exact reasons why the Insurance Extravaganza is the one meeting you should attend this year. Our speakers are teaching state laws, negotiations, diagnostic coding, sleep apnea, CBCT Scanning, documentation, and so many amazing tips to lead to your success.

The 5th Annual Dental and Medical Billing Extravaganza

Nashville, February 9-10-2024 Join us by going to www.dentalmedicalbilling.com or contact Christine Taxin at 914-450-2906

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