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Career Change

Dental Medical Training takes more than a web program. Medical coding is the process of reading medical documentation and making sure the entire team follows the SOAP template when documentation is occurring. No Billing can convert the information into the proper diagnostic codes without all the information needed. Even third-party billing companies must train the office so they also can receive the proper notes and information such as the patients’ medical history, dental history, and your confirmation that a medical doctor is listed as the primary doctor who has diagnosed the patient.

Plans use medical necessity to prove, by making sure the diagnosis code explains why the procedure code or service was done. Based on that information, the 3rd party will determine if the claim should be paid. This is the only way to ensure that an insurance company pays your claims.

Therefore, Dental Medical has established the first set of tests with the manuals as a study guide to have the coder receive a certification as a medical biller.

No other courses can teach you how to cross code from dental 2 medical, or have you received the all-powerful certification, credentialing tests to award. Your training is specialized and who are credentialed medical billers will still need theses courses since we are opening the door to health care.

This role requires your mind, growth and a new career in an industry that is short on trained teams. If you are driven and, on a mission, to further your career this is your chance to make those changes. Our two-day firsthand class allows you to provide a claim ready to mail out when you get back to your office.

The modules are clear.

  1. Sleep Apnea
  2. Pediatric Sleep
  3. Trauma Adult and Pediatric
  4. TMD, Botox, Trigger point
  5. Oral Surgery
  6. Advanced Dental Billing
  7. Endodontic

You will be enrolled with a one-year membership that keeps you up to date and the ability to keep learning with specialized training.

Can speak with any of the trainers on the team.

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