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Dental Medical Billing Bone Grafts, Sinus Lifts and more!

There is a lack of covered benefit covering Bone Grafts, Socket Preservations and Sinus Lifts. If you are charging the patient your fee, Close more cases with the approval from Medical paying some of the treatments not covered.

Many dentists prior to working on medical billing either charge a lower fee and working with medical companies the fees either were charged lower since patients wanted to not complete the treatment if they have to pay full fee. If you are either losing cases without any insurance coverage or lowering your fees to have acceptance. We can help you solve that issue with great training. When you see that most of services billed to medical will approve at higher fees, you will never discount your fees to have a treatment plan accepted.  When billing dental how do you set your fees when you are dealing with lab expenses or buying bone graft materials. Are you looking at the fee you charge or the reduced dental fee and then taking the lab fee of your production? If not you are looking at false fees.

When billing medical your fee is listed across the procdure and your lab fee is listed on top to let the plan know what that fee is.

Lets learn how to make sure you are collecting what you should be joining our membership program and taking advantage of the information we go over all year long. We teach basic dental coding, medical codeing, credential information for the Dental 2 Medical Coder and money issues surrounding the office income.

Many medical insurance carriers, however, are becoming more important in our world, so do an audit of your eobs from dental and take a look at the codes they are not covereing and the fees that you may recieve if they are covering.

Many practices have no idea what they are loosing when they are not able to maximize patients dental and medical plans. Don’t wait join us and become a member of our community.



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