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Health Insurance

Attention to all Dental Offices. This is now billable to Medical

Coverage of Children’s Deformities, Disfigurement and Congenital Defects H-185.967

Topic: Health InsurancePolicy Subtopic: Benefits and Coverage
Meeting Type: AnnualYear Last Modified: 2013
Action: AppendedType: Health Policies
 Council & Committees:undefined
  1. The AMA declares: (a) that treatment of a minor child’s congenital or developmental deformity or disorder due totrauma or malignant disease should be covered by all insurers; (b) that such coverage shall include treatment which, in the opinion of the treating physician, is medically necessary to return the patient to a more normal appearance (even if the procedure does not materially affect the function of the body part being treated); and (c) that such insurability should be portable, i.e., not denied as a pre-existing condition if the patient’s insurance coverage  changes before treatment has been either initiated or completed.
  2. Our AMA will advocate for appropriate fundingfor comprehensive dental coverage (including dental implants) for children with orofacial clefting.

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