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News For Advantage Dental Plans

The TOP News for all Offices that are billing Medicare Advantage Dental Plans!

Dental Plans are growing Medicare Advantage each year. Dental plans cover on a limited basis and have limits to treatment that may be needed.t of the larger plans is looking into Maximizing Plan Payments (Compressive) for treatments that are needed for Medical Reasons.

Instead of changing the plans, the use of Flex Cards with a dollar amount for one of the following issues per quarter: Vision, Dental, and Prescription needs. It is a form of credit card that the patient can use when more treatment is necessary for their overall health.

The reason it will only have a certain amount per quarter is the insurance companies know that patients can change insurance coverage if they move or just want to update plans.

Many of the companies will first be offering network plans first since they always tell the patients it allows for more coverage. (We all know they do not get anything more from the company, it’s the office who must write off more of the co-payments.

Remember there are also PPO, HMO, and a combination of benefits on all insurance coverage, so always pre-verify before the patient enters the office to have your own validation before you treat since the rule for surprise billing will apply to all of our patients.

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