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Implementing Medical Billing in Your Dental Practice

As the dental industry continues to be a competitive market, it becomes more important for dentists to diversify themselves and become more creative in how to provide dental care that patients want and need. By implementing medical billing in your practice, you will be able to provide more care to patients who need it and help patients to maximize their medical benefits.

Before implementing medical billing in your practice, it is important to have a well thought out implementation plan. The more planning that is on the forefront, the smoother the implementation will be for your team and patients. Following these steps will ensure that medical billing will become part of your practice and not just a trending fad that never goes anywhere. Training is a must since trying to learn on your own, while you are working is not easy.

The next steps are where our training can guide you.  

What are you going to bill? It is important for the dentist owner and decision makers to decide what procedures will be billing medical insurance. I recommend starting with one or two procedures to get comfortable. We help you gain the knowledge of the codes you are billing and how we can help you start with successful claims.

  1. Gather information. The next step is to gather information regarding what codes are used with each claim type you are starting with. During your training courses with Dental Medical Billing, you will be able to create a sample claim that can be easily edited per patient.

You will need to gather additional information regarding what local plans patients are using, state and local laws, and what clinical information is needed for claim submission.

  • Create the resources. The next step is to create the resources needed to successfully bill medical. This can include creating accounts for verifications, streamlining documentation processes, and creating tracking systems and customized documents.
  • Create the plan. This is a one-page document that tells the team who will oversee each step of the medical billing process and what steps need to be completed. This helps to create accountability and makes sure that nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Train the team. Hold a training to review the process with the entire team. The prepared resources and plan will be reviewed, and it is important for all team members to be present. Even if a clinical team member will not be doing the billing, it is important for everyone to understand their role in documentation to support the medical billing process.
  • Track and celebrate your success. The practice should continue to track the progress of medical billing and celebrate successes as well as discuss any obstacles. Keeping this item as a topic on your team meetings will help to ensure that all patients are taken care of in a timely manner and that medical billing is implemented successfully!

After your training is complete with Dental Medical Billing we have a membership program that is very easy, allows time for updates, new web programs and the ability to contact us at any time.

By following these steps, your practice will be able to successfully implement medical billing in no time. Remember, success is a team working together, and this does not mean you have to be in-network.  Many practices still charge the patient, but submit the claims as a WOW!

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