Billing Both Dental and Medical

Billing to medical would decrease their out of pocket costs.  After working with the many clients that attended the Insurance Extravaganza I would like to go over the legal issues of billing both the patients Dental Plan and Medical Plan. As long as you do not collect over the amount you charged you can bill as many plans as the patient may have. You can bill their secondary plans also.

This is an example of this type of billing: Treatment plan the entire case with your full fees.

  1. Clinical Exam
  2. CBCT Scan
  3. Three sites of bone grafting

Total for all treatment at this time will be $10,000.00

The clinical exam is $350.00

The CBCT is $450.00

The three sites of bone grafting is

                                Grafting (3 sites)  = $1,250 Total Fee
                                 Dental paid            = $300

                                 Medical paid          = $858.20                                                                   __________________________  

                                  TOTAL PAID        = $1,158.20

Medical paid more than double compared to dental.  In fact, medical allowed 100% of the $1250 that was billed, which means they would have paid higher!  A portion went to the patients deductible.  Unfortunately, the $300 paid by dental used up a chunk of dental maximums allowed for the year.
There are so many positives to billing to medical!  It is in the best interest of your patient to do this.  You deserve to be paid more, be paid like you are a medical specialist, because you are! 

Medical billing is here, and it is here to stay. In fact, medical billing will continue to be more and more expected by insurance carriers AND your patients.  TIPS is here to help you implement this into your practice to ensure success.  If you want more information, reach out to me personally! 

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