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Top Ten List of Medically Billable Procedures

  1. ANY traumatic injury to the mouth – all associated oral and dental procedures
  2. Exams and consultations when oral cancer screening is done, and in preparation for any other medically billable procedure
  3. Emergency treatment of oral inflammation and oral infections
  4. Diagnostic, radiographic, and surgical or healing stents
  5. Radiographs for screening and diagnostic purposes (orthopantograms, occlusals lateral jaw X-rays, Water’s views, cephalograms, CT scans, tomograms, etc.). PA’s and FMX are ONLY billable in conjunction with traumatic injuries.
  6. Biopsies and excisions, including smears and brush biopsies
  7. Extraction of all impacted teeth, also any extractions recommended by an MD prior to surgery, transplant, chemo/radiation, or due to a medical condition.
  8. Surgical procedures not associated with traumatic injury, including periodontal, reconstructive (implant), augmentation, soft and hard tissue grafts, etc. This includes the associated anesthesia.
  9. Prosthetics – interim prostheses when surgery is involved, both interim and final prostheses if a traumatic injury or any medical condition necessitates their fabrication.
  10. Appliances fabricated for the treatment of bruxism, temporomandibular dysfunction, sleep apnea, snoring, palatal expansion, habit-breaking, etc.

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