Technology Tips for a Post COVID-19 Shutdown

Join us for a {previously recorded} live webinar entitled Technology Tips for a Post COVID-19 Shutdown. Presented by Mike Buckner and Christine Taxin.

Despite regulations around “social distancing,” staying close to your patients has never been more crucial to the success of your dental practice. And once we are able to re-open our practices, the patient experience that most of us are familiar with will be dramatically different.

This webinar will discuss how to leverage technology to bridge the gap left by working remotely, and what steps to take to prepare for the “new normal” that we will need to adapt to.

Course Learning Objectives:
– Explore different ways that technology can help your patients feel safe while coming into the practice after the pandemic.
– Discuss ways to maximize a personalized patient experience, and how to create loyal patients through this time of increased stress.
– How to prepare your office for reopening the doors.

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