Patient Prism

Do you want to grow your practice faster, without spending a lot of money to make it happen?

Patient Prism serves dental practices of all sizes that want to grow faster. We help owners grow their practice as big as they want it to be, without having to invest a lot more money.

Grow your practice cost-effectively

  • Your front-office staff is crucial to the growth of your practice. You spend money to make your phones ring.
  • If your staff converts only 35% of callers, about 65% of your marketing investment goes down the drain.
  • We help your front-office convert a higher percentage of callers.
  • When they convert twice as many callers, you double your revenue from new patients.
  • We help you and your staff by providing software, patented technology, training, and coaching.

How Patient Prism Works

  • Guides front-office staff in managing inbound phone calls.
  • Helps improve the customer experience for people who call your office.
  • Measures the effectiveness of marketing investments.
  • Records inbound calls from new patients. Busy dentists and business managers can see the results without listening to entire calls.

How Patient Prism is different from conventional call-tracking software

  • It tells you when you’ve lost revenue. It tells you how much revenue you’ve lost.
  • It prompts your office to call people back, and it suggests what to say differently next time to book the caller as a new patient.
  • It combines human coaching and patented technology to provide effective coaching and training for front-office staff.
  • It’s fast. It works in near-real time. You can see an analysis of a phone call in about an hour after the call.
  • It helps you schedule your staff for better customer service during peak calling hours.
  • It’s built expressly for dental practices.

Turn more callers into appointments.

Get the best call management software for dental practices. Only from Patient Prism.

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