Inter-professional Collaboration

Working with the first doctor will give you the power to visit with many. No matter the type of practice their is no shortage of patients who have dental medical needs. With help from colleagues in the medical community, effective prevention and treatment of dental caries, periodontal, need for treatments due to their illness and medications Our Profession can stand strong and help these patients. There is no other way to have a greater impact. Caries, periodontal is a disease process that, if diagnosed early, often can be managed non-surgically to prevent loss of tooth structure and potential localized or systemic infection. We propose that effective management of the disease process will not only involve the clinical skill of the dental clinicians but also employ the principles of shared decision making. This management will involve the use of clear language to convey to patients and their families information and strategies for effective oral hygiene practices. We believe that oral health will be positively affected through improved health literacy; education; patient-specific care; interprofessional collaboration; reduction of caries risk factors, and present to our patients the ways they can protective factors, which include routine contact with fluoride and engagement in good oral hygiene. Only then can the providers begin to treat the patient for the damage that has caused the illness they are presenting with. Imagine we can help diabetic stay healthy and begin the process of reconstruction of the oral cavity. INTER-COLLABORATION IS AMAZING.

Lets stand together and make this happen.

Join us at the Insurance Extravaganza November 12,13 2021 Florida We will be teaching you how to collaborate with the medical doctors in your area.

Best Always,

Christine Taxin

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