Today I was called by a patient! She is mad!

If patients are calling your office or receiving a treatment plan they are not looking for you to provide free services but to help them bill so they can obtain the benefits they are entitled to collect.

I never tell a doctor to join in network, some may after they are able to see how much more they can do, and collect for the services, but it is not a requirement. Just a benefit to your patients.

If you are not interested in helping your patients, think before you say no. What happens if you needed treatment and your doctor told you they do not bill or understand how to provide that service. We all need help, not a handout and you can be a hero. Remember it takes one unhappy patient to let over 10 know they were turned down, Do you want that to happen to you?

CDT codes are not widely recognized in medical insurance. Some dental codes will have applicable medical codes while others may not have a medical code. Learn common cross-codes and what to do when one doesn’t exist. We will teach you how to select the correct level office visit code. If you haven’t been billing (or getting paid) for your office visits, we’ll explain what you need to be doing. Learn how modifiers can affect your payment and when they are necessary. 

Exposure to codes, definitions and their usage is imperative for successful claim submissions. This webinar will ensure that you have the information you need so your claims are not rejected due to incorrect coding and/or lack of medical necessity. 

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